3 Most Common Plumbing Issues that Arise in New Construction Homes

Newly constructed buildings are predisposed to technical problems that most people are unaware of. A number of these technical issues affect the plumbing system. They can make daily living uncomfortable, pose physical dangers at times, or lead to higher cost of utilities and repairs. If they get diagnosed early, it is possible to repair them and prevent losses or damages.

1. Poorly installed water pipes and dripping faucets

Leaking pipes cause severe water damage. You should look out for pinhole leaks, worn out piping, and corroded joints to know if the installation was done right. Replace any galvanized supply pipes. Insulate all the pipes. It will save you money in the long run, but most importantly, it will keep them from freezing or bursting.

If you notice a restricted flow to your home’s drains, it is an indication that there might be a blockage. Ensure that the water pipes are at least three to four inches wide at the primary water source and half of an inch in all other points.

2. Sump pump failure

A sump pump is a hole made in the lowermost part of the building. It has a simple function of filtering out water through a network of pipes to prevent it from getting to the foundation of the building. The water is then directed to an area such as a dry well or a city storm drain where it can drain properly.

Most common causes of sump pump failure are frozen pipes, power failure, product defect, wrong installation, and lack of proper maintenance. When broken sump pumps are left unattended for long periods of time, they can flood the lower point of the building and affect its structural integrity. 

3. Low water pressure

As a new homeowner, your expectations are high, and at first, everything seems to work well. However, after some days, you start experiencing low water pressure. The reason behind the change in strength is probably the change in the terrain of the home.

Low water pressure, most of the time, is not a problem of the plumbing system. However, it is something you should be aware of from the start as you move into a new building or new home. Your use of the property will affect the water pipes beneath the grounds.

Get informed, and learn how to prevent these issues from arising in your new purchased property. When you need help, we are 1 call away!