3 Plumbing Maintenance Issues to Address Before Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation

Everyone loves summer vacation time. It’s a chance to relax, refresh and grow closer as a family. Summer vacation plans can range from a long weekend getaway to a once in a lifetime, bucket list trip of your dreams and anything in between. No matter what type of adventure you are planning it’s important to ensure your that your home will be just as you left it upon your return.

Broken Pipes

Water supply pipes can break or leak for multiple reasons ranging from corrosion to shifting foundations. Often, pipes give little or no warning to their condition until it is too late. The majority of the water supply pipes in your home are contained within the walls or accessible only via the crawl space under your home. Even if you could access your water pipes and had the tools to inspect them it is likely that you do not possess the appropriate license to repair as required by your city or county code enforcement division.

A pipe that bursts in your home can deliver well over 1,000 gallons per hour, easily filling a 2,500 square foot home nearly two feet deep in under 24 hours. How long are you going to be gone?

Stopped Up Sewer

Your homes sewage disposal system should be at the top of your maintenance worries simply based on what is at stake. Flushing a toilet that does not dispose of its contents is sure to make anyone’s heart skip a beat. Hoping it will stop filling before it crests the rim should not be your prevention strategy. The professionals at 1 Call Plumbing are here to help by providing preventive as well as emergency services.

Sewage disposal problems can occur within your home or on the city sewer system. Only licensed plumbers should attempt to make modifications or repairs to any sewage system as your health and the health of our ecosystem could easily be affected by one wrong move.

Flooded Basement

Your basement is likely the mechanical heart of your home’s operating system. Housed within those walls you will find climate control equipment and the hub of all of your plumbing. Many basements are also finished to provide a spare bedroom, extra living quarters or entertainment facilities.

Often we do not think of the potential for flooding. Basements can be flooded from within as well as external factors. We previously mentioned broken pipes and stopped up sewers, but what about torrential rainfall or a faucet left running on high? Your basement should be equipped with a drain and a way to automatically pump water out into the sewer. Is it? When was the last time it was inspected? Are you sure it would work if called to task with no warning? Wouldn’t you enjoy your vacation more if you knew it would?

Get Ready for Summer Vacation

If you would like to rest easy while you are on vacation knowing that your home’s plumbing is well maintained and ready to perform as it should, please contact us and make an appointment for a complete plumbing inspection today!