4 Common Causes of Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure doesn’t exactly qualify as a plumbing emergency, but it sure is annoying. Anyone who’s ever fumed underneath a lackluster showerhead knows how frustrating a lack of pressure can be. But what causes low water pressure, and is there anything that can be done about it?

1 Call Plumbing has been helping Charlotteans handle complex plumbing problems for decades. Low water pressure is something we’re asked about on many of our jobs…the good news is, it’s not an issue you have to live with. Here are four common causes of low water pressure.

  1. It’s the Fixture’s FaultIf your low water pressure is isolated to only one or two places in your home – the master bedroom shower, for example – you may have a fixture issue, not a water pressure problem. Over time, fixtures (and in some cases the pipes that service them) can become clogged with rust, limestone, or calcium deposits. The gradual reduction in water flow can result in too-low water pressure at the source and can often be solved simply by installing an updated fixture.
  2. Insufficient Supply from the Main Line

    If water pressure is low throughout the property, particularly if the change was sudden, you may not be getting enough water from the main supply line. Your water main line is subject to local ordinances on size and connection type, but those regulations aren’t always adhered to as they should be. Did your water pressure change when a new apartment building opened down the block? Do all your neighbors complain about water pressure, too? An expert plumber can help you determine whether your main supply line is adequate for your home’s needs.
  3. Closed Valves Drop Your PressureThe water flow in most homes is controlled by two shut off valves, one on or near the meter at the other at your house. If one of the valves becomes closed for some reason – a city employee inadvertently shut the one on the meter; your kids hit your intake valve with a basketball – you may be experiencing a sudden drop in water pressure.
  4. Pipes that Need ServicingNever underestimate the power of your plumbing pipes! Pipes’ functionality can degrade for a number of reasons. Pipes that have been clogged by paper, hair, or even mineral buildup are likely to reduce your water flow. Likewise, corroded pipes in older homes can leak water as they transport it, decreasing the amount of water that eventually comes out. A plumber can help you determine for sure whether it’s time for a replacement.

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