4 Tips for Avoiding Plumbing Pitfalls this Summer

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During the winter months, you are constantly forewarned with tips to avoid plumbing pitfalls such as “let your pipes drip to avoid freezing.” But, what about the summer months? Is your plumbing system at as much risk when the weather is at extreme highs?

The answer is a resounding “yes.”

Here are four tips to help you avoid plumbing issues this summer, allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy the season!

1. Know the Difference Between Sweating and Leaking Pipes

During the summer months, North Carolina experiences high humidity levels causing the temperature to feel even hotter than it is. That said, it is common for your pipes to “sweat” and create condensation.

It’s important to know the difference between when your pipes are sweating and when they are leaking. A leaking pipe is a complex problem that requires professional repairs, whereas a sweating pipe may just need insulating.

2. Inspect Your Washing Machine

With more time spent outdoors in the summer months, we inevitably have more laundry to do. Inspect your washing machine for bulges, leaks or cracks in the hoses to avoid damage. A common cause of hose damage is having your washing machine placed so close to the wall that the hose bends or kinks.

There should always be at least a four inch gap between your washing machine and the wall at all times to ensure bulges, leaks and cracks are not caused in the hose. Additionally, washing machine hoses should be replaced about every three years, preferably with burst-proof stainless steel hoses.

3. Be Careful of What You Allow Down Your Sink

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While your garbage disposal can work wonders to get particles down your sink, it’s important to recognize the downward movement stops there. Once items make it past your garbage disposal, they then get stuck in your pipes and build up over time. This build up eventually causes clogs.

As you’re having summer cookouts, be mindful of the items that you are putting down your sink during clean up. Grease, fats and cooking oils are common causes of clots in pipes, and “just add water” foods such as potatoes cause instant clogs. Always have the water running with the disposal on as you add food waste.

4. Get to the “Root” of the Problem

Another common problem during the summer months are sewer line backups. With spring showers having just passed, tree roots are growing in full force in the summer. These roots are commonly drawn to sewer leaks as a source of nutrition.

The last thing you want to deal with during your summer of relaxation is a sewage main backup. If you notice any bubbling or gurgling in your commode it’s always best to have a plumber come and inspect your sewer line to inform you of whether or not a backup is coming, and to let you know what steps to take to correct the problem.

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