Here are a few of the plumbing questions we hear over and over.


My drain is clogged. Should I clean it myself?
If you suspect you have drain clog but can’t see or reach the clog itself, give 1 Call a ring. We have years of experience handling clogged drains in residential and commercial properties and there are a variety of methods we can utilize to help clear your drain.
Are there things I can do to prevent drain clogs in the future?
 Yes! Never pour oily liquids down any drain, particularly in the kitchen, and avoid placing any stringy foods (like celery) in the garbage disposal. In the bathroom or in a large commercial drain, use a mesh strainer to catch hair and other debris, and service your drains regularly to keep them clear. Avoid using costic drain cleaners as they can actually weaken your pipes and cause significant damage. If your drains are slow-moving or seem to clog often, call a plumber to see about having them cleaned or replaced.
How do I know when my hot water heater needs servicing?
Hot water heaters are notoriously fickle. If your heater is leaking or making an unfamiliar noise, call a plumber immediately. Also, if you notice your water pressure has gone down significantly or that your water isn’t heating up like it used to, have your unit serviced.
Can I do anything about hard water?
 Hard water is a common problem in US homes which occurs when minerals from the soil dissolve in the house’s water system. There are services and treatments available to alleviate the effects of hard water. Call us today to find out more.
What if my plumbing problem is specific to my business?
1 Call Plumbing deals with all types of commercial plumbing issues, from clogged drains to storeroom floods. We’ve seen just about every type of plumbing problem imaginable in the commercial industry and our experienced technicians can help you solve your issue once and for all.
The same plumbing problem keeps happening at my home/office again and again. What do I do?
At 1 Call, we offer solutions, not just repairs. If you’re facing the same plumbing issue time and again you need a professional who can deliver a fix that lasts more than a few months or years. The experienced technicians at 1 Call don’t stop until the job’s done right.
My toilet is overflowing in the middle of the night. What do I do?
Immediately close the shut off valve below the tank to stop the water. If other toilets are overflowing, you probably have a sewer back-up problem. Contact 1 Call Plumbing immediately! We know plumbing problems happen at all times of day and we’re usually able to send a technician to your home or business any time you call.



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