Hard Water: Don’t Ignore It!

Although hard water may not be hazardous to your health, it can be a costly problem that manifests itself in your home’s boilers, water heaters, and other equipment.

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When soap is mixed with water, it forms suds. In hard water, there is a lack of sud formation which causes limescale to appear. This diminishes the shine of fixtures and appliances. It can also affect the appearance and life of your clothing and the appearance of your dishes. When hard water clogs your pipes with limescale, it reduces the water flow in your home and increases piping problems.

Hard water can raise your heating costs because when the water is heated, the minerals found in hard water will accelerate and form “scale,” calcium and magnesium deposits that create a barrier between the heating mechanism and the water itself.

More than 85 percent of water that is brought into homes in the United States is reported to be hard water. If you have a hard water problem in the Charlotte, NC area, contact our plumbers 1 Call Plumbing today for hard water services and treatments or call us at (704) 563-8182.