How to Prevent Washing Machine Problems Before They Start


Washing machines are one of the most common culprits of residential plumbing problems. And when problems occur, they can be serious. Washing machine-related insurance claims average over $5,000 per incident.  

Thankfully, a handful of issues are responsible for a vast majority of all washing machine plumbing problems. Here’s what the plumbing professionals at 1 Call Plumbing want you to know about keeping your risk-level low.

What Causes Washing Machine Problems?

Most washing machine leaks are caused by one of three issues: Supply hose failures, machine overflows, and drain line failures.

Supply hoses most often fail because they’re worn and old. In some cases it takes less than eight to ten years for a supply hose to degrade enough to cause problems.

Machine overflows occur when there is a problem with the washing machine itself. Machines overflow because they’re misused, in need of repair, or because they’re overfilled or filled with the wrong soap.

Drain lines fail because they’re broken, bent, or become detached from the wall. Their issues often overlap with those of supply hoses.


How to Prevent Washing Machine Plumbing Issues

What can you do to reduce your risk of washing machine leaks? A lot of things, actually! The absolute best thing you can do to prevent washing machine issues is to regularly inspect your machine’s hoses. Contrary to popular belief, metal hoses do not make your machine immune to water issues; any style hose eventually needs to be replaced.

In addition to checking for slices or cuts in the hoses, you want to check to make sure your hose connections are secure. Always keep at least 4” of space between the back of your machine and the wall to reduce the risk of the hose becoming dislodged. Manually check the tightness of your hose connections and use a wrench to secure them if necessary.

It’s a good idea to have a professional plumber inspect your washing machine connections every couple of years. In addition to replacing your hoses and drain lines, you may need to replace your washers, your valves, or any number of plumbing components. An experienced plumber can spot issues before they arise.

On top of checking supply line connections, a plumber can also check your laundry sink and drainage. Blocked drains can lead to major issues and many drains come with a filter that needs to be cleaned and/or replaced.


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