New Plumbing System Trends in 2019

Current plumbing trends are leaning more than ever toward efficiency and resilience as the drive for sustainable living grows. Here are some of the latest options to consider when updating and installing plumbing in your home or business this year.

Trenchless Technology

With minimal to no excavation required, modern trenchless technology installs, repairs and restores pipelines. This causes the least amount of disturbance to yards and the environment and can be used under buildings, trees, and even small bodies of water. Trenchless projects tend to finish faster and in turn save the customer money (World Trenchless Day, 2019).

Tankless and Solar Powered Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are popular due to their smaller size, a never ending supply of hot water and higher efficiency than conventional water heaters. They are also expected to last five to ten years longer (Petro, 2019). Another favorite is solar powered water heaters, which allow homeowners to cut down on their power bill and reduce their carbon footprint all in one.

Smart Plumbing

Water from plumbing failures is one of the leading causes of damage to buildings, according to Cedia. With algorithms and sensors, smart plumbing synced with smart home systems become familiar with your daily water usage and can detect abnormal amounts of water consumption quickly. The computer can shut down the water supply until the problem is identified and repairs can be made. Catching a plumbing failure early will significantly reduce the expenses on your water bill, not to mention avoid stress and costly home repairs from water damage.

Touch Free Faucets

Already popular in restaurants and public restrooms, touch free faucets are now finding their place in residential plumbing. These faucets encourage more efficient water use (especially when restrooms are frequently used by children) and also eliminate the spread of bacteria from touching handles. Touch free faucets are especially useful in the kitchen for hands covered in dough or raw meat juices that are guaranteed to gunk up conventional faucet handles.

Replacing Aged Pipes

Galvanized pipes were frequently installed pre-1960 and are notorious for corroding, plugging themselves up, reducing water pressure and leaking. Old cast-iron or clay sewer lines are also highly susceptible to corrosion and a leaking or busted sewer line is never fun to deal with. Modern pipes are built from sturdy plastic or copper, which lasts far longer than older materials and should require fewer repairs over time. Replacing old plumbing can seem expensive, but could save you extra costs and headaches if dealt with sooner rather than later.

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