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Is Faulty Plumbing Causing Mold Growth in Your Home?

 Plumbing isn’t a problem…until it is. If you’ve got a plumbing problem, you might have a water problem, and water inevitably leads to mold. 1 Call Plumbing has seen more than one seemingly minor plumbing issue result a big mold situation. Don’t let faulty plumbing lead to mold issues in your home.

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The Sink is Leaking: Call a Professional or DIY?

Uh oh…the sink is leaking! Should you try to fix it yourself or immediately call in a local plumbing professional? Some plumbing problems obviously need an expert, but others are less clear. Leaky faucets and sinks don’t always need an emergency plumber…so should you DIY or call the pros? First, identify the leak. There are

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4 Signs Your Sewer Line May Be Broken

You may think a broken sewer line is an obvious problem, but many people deal with the after effects of a busted sewer line for weeks without ever realizing it. At 1 Call Plumbing, we get calls all the time from customers who think they’ve just got a clogged toilet but in actuality are up

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What You Should Know About the 4 Types of Drain Cleaners

What You Should Know About the 4 Types Drain Cleaners

A quick stop at your local hardware store to pick up liquid drainer should get that clogged sink flowing smoothly. Right? Wrong. Calling a professional plumber is the only way to know for sure which drain cleaner is appropriate for your clog. Call 1CallPlumbing today for all of your plumbing needs (704) 563-8182. Here are

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