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Why You Should Invest in a Hot Water Recirculating System

3 Benefits of a Recirculating Hot Water Pump System

Is it time for a new water heater? You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to installing a new hot water system in your house. You may have heard about “hot water recirculation systems” before; they’re one of the most popular kinds of hot water heaters available. The experts at 1 Call Plumbing

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Why is My Water Heater Making Noise

Why is My Water Heater Making Noise?

Water heaters are a common source of plumbing issues. Think about it: traditional gas or electric water heaters are just giant tanks filled with water! One of the first signs of trouble with your water heater can be a noise, specifically, popping, banging, and creaking noises. What do they mean, and should you worry? Here’s

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Hard Water: Don't Ignore It!

Hard Water: Don’t Ignore It!

Although hard water may not be hazardous to your health, it can be a costly problem that manifests itself in your home’s boilers, water heaters, and other equipment. If hard water is a problem in your household, contact 1 Call Plumbing at (704) 563-8182 to learn more about how we can treat your water system.

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