What a Bathroom Remodel Means For Your Plumbing


Ready to remodel? Great! A bathroom remodel can bring new life to your home and it can actually increase your property value. 1 Call Plumbing has worked with hundreds of homeowners on bathroom remodels in Charlotte. A plumber with experience and know-how can help you avoid renovation disasters and keep your remodel on track.

Whether you’re fixing up the master bath or renovating the powder room, there are a few things to keep in mind before to start breaking into walls.


Should You Hide the Fixtures?

Before designing an entire bathroom, think about whether you want the plumbing lines to be hidden or not. From the sink to the tub to the toilet, the fixtures you choose will have an impact on how the plumbing lines will ultimately be installed and finished. While it’s relatively simple to shorten or lengthen plumbing lines to accommodate your design choice, it’s not a decision that can be easily reversed.


Increasing the Drain Size

During a bathroom renovation is a great time to considering increasing the size of your drain lines, particularly if you live in an older home. Standard residential plumbing lines are around 1 ½”, but increasing those lines to 2” or more could help you avoid clogs down the road. As long as framing or foundation issues don’t get in the way, changing drain lines is typically doable.


Moving the Toilet?

Moving the location of a toilet is a bigger job than most people realize! To do so requires addressing the waste pipe, the vent pipe, and several water lines; moving the waste pipe and toilet flange are the most labor-intensive parts of the process. It’s also imperative that your foundation won’t interfere with the new plumbing lines. And don’t forget that changing your toilet’s location will require tearing up some of the flooring underneath!
Anything you change in your bathroom has the potential to impact your plumbing. The good news is, since so much of your plumbing is behind the walls, a remodel is the perfect time to take a peek! Even if you’re not sure what you want to change or improve about your bathroom, bringing in a qualified plumber early on can help you get a better picture.



Need a plumber for a bathroom renovation?
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